misión civil internacional

julio 24, 2006

Desde Grecia algunos están organizando un viaje de solidaridad. Para ponerse en contacto escribe a Yannis Almpanis: yannisalmpanis@hotmail.com

Aquí la convocatoria

Immediate cease fire-Solidarity to the people of Lebanon and Palestine

A call for an international civil mission to Lebanon

The Israeli war machine continues to kill hundreds of Lebanese civilians and destroy Lebanon’s infrastructure. The humanitarian crisis is getting worse as days go by. International community (United Nations and European Union included) is unable or unwilling to stop the massacre. Furthermore, the United States support Israeli aggression both politically ant practically.
We believe that this is the time for the intervention of social movements. It is extremely important to find the way to make citizen’s voice to be heard. It is critical to promote the demand for an immediate cease fire.

As we did during the siege of Arafat’s compound, we propose to organize an international civil mission to Lebanon. Such a mission would express our solidarity to the people of Lebanon and Palestine and demand the immediate cease fire.

In Greece we have already started the preparation of a civil mission. Right now it seems highly possible to arrive at the area by the end of next week.

We know that activists from all over Europe are interested in participating in the project. We are sure that altogether we can construct a unified international mission.

It is time to act!

This petition is signed by the following members of the Greek Social Forum:

Tassos Koronakis, Loukia Kotronaki, Antonis Ntavanellos, Natassa Theodorakopoulou, Yannis Almpanis, Nikos Giannopoulos, Vaggelis Karageorgos, Elthina Aggelopoulou



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